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3 answers

Starting my career as Data Scientist, is Software Engineering experience required? [closed]

I am an MSc student at the University of Edinburgh, specialized in machine learning and natural language processing. I had some practical courses focused on data mining, and others dealing with ...
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10 answers

Do data scientists use Excel?

I would consider myself a journeyman data scientist. Like most (I think), I made my first charts and did my first aggregations in high school and college, using Excel. As I went through college, ...
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3 answers

Statistics + Computer Science = Data Science? [closed]

i want to become a data scientist. I studied applied statistics (actuarial science), so i have a great statistical background (regression, stochastic process, time series, just for mention a few). But ...
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What skills do I need to become a data scientist? And how to show them? [closed]

I have fimiliarized myself with the recommended most important concepts (Linear Algebra, Analysis, Phython, Numpy, Pandas, a bit of Statistics, Linear regression). For the last two, I don't know how ...
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22 votes
2 answers

Data science without knowledge of a specific topic, is it worth pursuing as a career? [closed]

I had a conversation with someone recently and mentioned my interest in data analysis and who I intended to learn the necessary skills and tools. They suggested to me that while it is great to learn ...
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13 votes
8 answers

I am a programmer, how do I get into field of Data Science?

First of all this term sounds so obscure. Anyways..I am a software programmer. One of the languages I can code is Python. Speaking of Data I can use SQL and can do Data Scraping. What I figured out ...
57 votes
8 answers

Why do internet companies prefer Java/Python for data scientist job?

I see a many times in job description for data scientist asking for Python/Java experience and disregard R. Below is a personal email I received from chief data scientist of a company I applied for ...
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9 votes
7 answers

Career switch to Big Data Analytics

I am a 35 year old IT professional who is purely technical. I am good at programming, learning new technologies, understanding them and implementing. I did not like mathematics at school, so I didn't ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Data scientist light?

Im a 26 year old guy with an MBA and I work as an ERP system administrator. I have been interested in the field of data science for a while now. I've always liked statistics and various analytical ...
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1 answer

Is there a comprehensive learning plan for a self-teaching beginner in data science with no programming background? [closed]

Situation I want to be a data scientist, but I have no programming or maths background. I have more than the basic understanding of python which I taught myself over a couple of months. Right now I ...
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Working as data scientist for a nonprofit company [closed]

Hello I work as data scientist for a private company. I am interested in working for a nonprofit company, such as a research institute (public or private) or a company that takes care of issues such ...
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