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Is data science only for substantive specialist?

Right now there is a lot of hype for data science. Everyone is learning it. There are lots of courses and boot camps being offered. Unlike software engineering, however, are data scientists required ...
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Most common Machine Learning/ Natural Language Processing projects developed for/in businesses

I currently work as a data scientist developing software that classifies PDF documents into certain categories, using Machine Learning models with Natural Language Processing methods. I am thinking ...
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Seeking Feedback on Data Science Portfolio

I hope you're doing well. I've recently started building my data science portfolio on GitHub with the goal of securing a role as a data scientist. I would greatly appreciate your feedback to help me ...
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10-Year SDET Looking to Pivot to ML - Seeking Advice and Insights

I'm on a journey to pivot my 10-year career as an SDET to the fascinating world of Machine Learning. I'm currently upskilling and diving into coding projects to get hands-on experience in ML. But what ...
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Exploring Data Science for Enhanced Reporting

I'm a self thought data analyst who has been primarily focused on generating standard reports. However, this year, my role is evolving. My boss has challenged me to not just report data but to extract ...
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Preparation for data scientist interviews/job for final year PhD student in ML theory

I would like to check/ask if there is anything particular that I need to prepare for data scientist interviews. I am quite unsure/lost about the requirements since I am coming from academia (see my ...
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