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How much data and computation power do I need to train a machine translation model using Transformer architecture?

I am working right now on creating a dataset to use in creating a machine translation model to translate between two dialects. I have two questions that I am trying to find an answer for: How much ...
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Best way to get data into Colab Notebook

I am working concurrently with multiple very large datasets (10s-100s of GBs)). I signed up for Colab Pro+ thinking it is the best option. However, I face a significant bottleneck in getting data into ...
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Keras multi GPU in

I am trying to run a keras model on using multiple GPUs. For that I am using keras.utils.multi_gpu_model , however I keep having this error: ...
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How to Read Photos for Deep Learning on Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine VM Instance, Through Jupyter Lab

I've set up a project on GCP with a Compute Engine VM and Storage Bucket. Access Scopes set to Allow full access to all Cloud APIs Have set a default Region and Zone I believe I have completed SSH ...
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Cloud computing with country-specific region for Switzerland

Are there any cloud computing services that allow for processing and storing data exclusively in Switzerland? Are there any that have machine-learning-specific functionality? Most do not seem to have ...
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Best cloud provider for Computer Vision in 2024. (Market relevant)

So I am currently unemployed, I am an ML engineer, Computer Vision focused. I have experience with many cloud providers but no certifications. Generally job postings will ask for experience/...
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