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number of topics in LDA model (coherence)

I want to fit a LDA model using RStudio, but there are some trouble in the determination of topics number. Perplexity and coherence are suggested to do this work, so first I use LDA and perplexity ...
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Differentiate between two set of points

Consider two sets of points (in the pictures below), whose "center of gravity" is same. What measure can differentiate between the two sets? e.g. Image 1 ...
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Measuring coherence score for Top2Vec models

I am working on creating a number of Top2Vec models on Reddit threads. I am basically changing the HDBScan cluster sizes to get different clusters of the Doc2Vec embeddings representing a different # ...
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Best measure to indicate quality of LDA model

On my corpora, I am running LDA with different settings (I experiment with different number of topics, different different ngrams and TFIDF or regular BOW). Now, I want to rank these setups to select ...
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