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How to generate a dynamic network

I need to implement a machine learning method called "OLCPM", this method uses for input a stream graph (dynamic network), the dataset they used is in this format : ...
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Effect of weights on the Louvain communities detected

The Louvain method for community detection aims to optimize modularity and hence detect communities in the given graph. In case of a weighted graph would it be valid to assume that an edge with a ...
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How can I get the diameter of each community

I am trying to calculate the diameter of each community in my dataset, Zachary's karate club using Jupyter. I created a loop to iterate through, but it gives me the diameter of the whole network ...
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Data Science for Social Good

I'm interested in doing a mapping or inventory of all data science for social good and technology for social good organizations/initivaives. Is anyone aware of any similar efforts or places to start?
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Data Science conferences?

This is a similar question like the Statistics Conferences question at CrossValidated What are the most significant annual Data Science conferences? Rules: Include a link to the conference Please ...