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Finding/analyzing data competitions that share the individual model's predicted outcomes?

I would like to analyze past machine-learning data competitions, focusing on bias and variance of predictions. I thought I could look at past kaggle competitions, but unfortunately kaggle typically ...
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Statistical aggregations for numerical features

Can someone explain why in a lot of machine learning competitions, many participants perform some statistical aggregations like mean and median aggregation for numerical features? How can this improve ...
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State of the Art Models for House Pricing task

Currently for my master thesis I'm working on a ML model to evaluate the price of some real estate assets. I'm trying to better understand the current state of the art of this kind of regression ...
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Python and Titanic competition how to get the median of specific range of values where class is 3

I am trying to solve Kaggle's titanic competition. In the test set, there is only 1 row having Fare value as null. It's so easy to replace it with median or average of all Fare values. But I am ...
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How to define the adequate cash prize sizing for hosting a Kaggle or similar compeition?

If you take Kaggle as a well known example of data science competition size, how do you know what is an adequate budget for the cash prize size? At least to determine an order of magnitude, given I am ...
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Coursera's course "How to Win a Data Science Competition"

The Coursera Course "How to Win a Data Science Competition". Has onyone seen it? How is the quality of it? Would you recommend it?
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Poker tournament winner prediction

I am trying to solve poker tournament winner prediction problem. I’ve millions of historical records in this format: Players ==> Winner P1,P2,P4,P8 ==> P2 P4,P7,P6 ==> P4 P6,P3,P2,P1 ==> P1 I ...
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How to approach the competition with anonymous scaled numerical predictors? has been around for a while now and there seem to be only few posts or other discussions about it on the web. The system has changed from time to time and the set-up today is the following: ...
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680 views how does their leaderboard system work?

There is a data mining competition website called Presumably, behind the website is a hedge fund which makes use of the predictions that people send. People within the 100th top places ...
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