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Datasets for demonstrating data/model/concept drift

Are there any well-known datasets that are useful for illustrating the concept of data and/or model/concept drift? I can create my own out of, say, MNIST (by e.g. removing digits and adding them in ...
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What techniques are used to analyze data drift?

I've created a model that has recently started suffering from drift. I believe the drift is due to changes in the dataset but I don't know how to show that quantitatively. What techniques are ...
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How to visualize a data drift?

I want to show that my data distribution changes between data windows. Is it enough to visualize the mean and variance for every window? Is there any other solution? thank you
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What are the advantages of model drift vs concept drift in online learning?

I have asked this question here but I'm also posting it here to get a better insight:
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What is the differenc between Real concept drift, virtual concept drift and feature drift

As far as I know, the real concept drift is caused by changes in the decision boundary while virtual drift occurs because of changes in data distribution. Some researchers mention that virtual drift ...
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What is the difference between Covariate Shift, Label Shift, Concept Shift, Concept Drift, and Prior Probability Shift?

As a beginner in MLOps, I was overwhelmed by some confusing definitions. As far as I understand, when we have a classifier or regressor with y = f(X) function: <...
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Detecting Data Drift in Audio Data

For a give set of audio files collected from an industrial process via a microphone, I have extracted suitable features and fed them into a neural network for training a binary classifier as depicted ...
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Dealing with historic data drift

I'm trying to predict a continuous target in an industrial context. The problem I'm facing is that the some of the predictors have changed over time, for example the pressure in the machine was ...
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Is it possible to detect drift with real time predictions?

I have been reading up on detecting data drift and concept drift, I have found this library but it seems all the methods here detect concept drift and take input as if the prediction was correct or ...
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Predictive modeling when output affects future input

Assume I have a model which predicts the outcome of the number of icecreams sold in a store. The model is trained on data for the last 5 years while keeping the last year as a validation set and has ...
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