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Questions tagged [confusion-matrix]

A confusion matrix is a special contingency table used to evaluate the predictive accuracy of a classifier. Predicted classes are listed in rows and actual classes in columns, with counts of respective cases in each cell.

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3 answers

Inverse Relationship Between Precision and Recall

I made some search to learn precision and recall and I saw some graphs represents inverse relationship between precision and recall and I started to think about it to clarify subject. I wonder the ...
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Confusion matrix logic

Can someone explain me the logic behind the confusion matrix? True Positive (TP): prediction is POSITIVE, actual outcome is POSITIVE, result is 'True Positive' - No questions. False Negative (FN): ...
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Confusion matrix. "How close I am to the diagonal?". Is there such metric?

I have a question regarding confusion matrices. To start, we discuss the case of multi-class classification so the confusion matrix has dimension, for example 4 times 4, for classification task with 4 ...
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Imbalanced classification task – Discrepancy between learning curves and test set evaluation

I have a binary classification task related to customer churn for a bank. The dataset contains 10,000 instances and 11 features. The target variable is imbalanced (80% remained as customers (0), 20% ...
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What do you do with one hot encoding items that are a non-match for all classes in a confusion matrix?

I have trained a model for one-hot binary prediction for many classes, and am now applying it to the testing set of samples. However, a lot of the predictions for samples are 0 for every class. I'm ...
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How to quantify the performance of the classifier (multi-class SVM) using the test data?

I am working on a traffic sign recognition code in MATLAB using Belgian Traffic Sign Dataset. The dataset consists of training data and test data. I resized the given images and extracted HOG ...
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