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Best practices for serving user-specific large models in a web application?

First execuse any naive statement you may find below, i'm a newcomer to the field. How do web applications that integrate fine-tuning of large machine learning/deep learning models handle the storage ...
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Deploy local deep learning web app to web

So I've built a (relatively) simple web app with a deep learning image classifier, and I have it running on localhost. How do I upload this to the web so that I can link to it from my website? The ...
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Is web analytics similar to data science? [closed]

I just finished PhD and initially wished to work on data science and deep learning. However, after some rounds of interviews, I have been offered a job of web analytics and business intelligence at a ...
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Embedding a Machine Learning Model into a Web Application [closed]

I'm looking to find some tutorials involving embedding a Machine Learning Model into a Web Application eventualy with some storage and database behind( with things like slack etc) .
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Time Decay Formula for Conversion Attribution

Question: What is the Time Decay formula that web analytics packages use to distribute credit across the multiple sessions associated with a user before a conversion? Context: All web analytics ...
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Using Heuristic Methods for AB Testing

I've just started reading about AB testing, as it pertains to optimizing website design. I find it interesting that most of the methods assume that changes to the layout and appearance are ...
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What are the most popular data science application use cases for consumer web companies

The most popular use case seem to be recommender systems of different kinds (such as recommending shopping items, users in social networks etc.). But what are other typical data science applications, ...
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