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Which algorithm can I use to estimate total number of passengers carried from time series of passenger counts

I have time series data coming at 10sec intervals from passenger counter in a bus [10,10,10,10,9,9,9,5,5,5,10,10 ...]. I need to estimate the total number of passengers carried in 1 hour. When the ...
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Learning with duplicate count as sample weights

I have a dataset D: X = D.drop(columns=['target']) y = D['target'] D is large, but contains huge number of duplicates - and I want to speedup the learning process. ...
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How can I ensure anonymity with queries to small datasets?

I'm building a service that will contain personal data relating to real people. Initially the dataset will be quite small, and as such it may be possible to identify individuals if the search ...
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What is the name of my problem - distribution of counts of elements having certain attribute

I have the following problem: There is a large set of records. Each record in the set has an attribute. For some values of the attribute, there is only one record, for other values there are many ...
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Modeling count data with time-dependent rate

For processes of discrete events occurring in continuous time with time-independent rate, we can use count models like Poisson or Negative Binomial. For discrete events that can occur once per sample ...
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R : Counting the number of observations per category

I'm currently starting out in R and wondering how to count the number of observations per day, per node, per replicate from the below dataset, and store in a different data set. The original dataset ...
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How to group by one column and count frequency from other column for each item in the previous column in python?

I am trying to group my data by the 'ID' column. Then I want to count the frequency of 'sequence' for each 'ID'. Here is a sample of the data frame: ...
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Count number of cards stacked one over the other [closed]

I have a stack of ATM cards and I want to count the number of cards available in the stack. How to proceed through it? I'm using Python 3.6.0 and opencv2. I'm attaching PNG file of the images. Kindly ...
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Poisson Model (w/ multiple levels X)

Question Is Poisson model the best method for predicting counts among multiple levels within nominal variable? Details Imagine data of 7000 observations, where output= Obs.Count {numeric,0,1,2..8} ...
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Data normalization of count data for neural networks

I have a sparse matrix of count data that I'm using as input to a neural network. I know, usually, the input data should be normalized (e.g. via min-max scaling, $z$-score standardization, etc.). But ...
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Is zero-inflated negative binomial regression appropriate for this data? Am I interpreting it correctly?

I am evaluating whether governance predictor variables are associated with the prevalence of groundwater fecal contamination in a developing country context, as measured by TTC (Thermotolerant ...
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Confidence Intervals for Multi-Categorical Votes

I have an ngram-based language model that produces a long tag list for a given sentence. For example, the just-previous sentence, broken into bigrams, and run through the model might produce something ...
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How to merge columns, value count them and then plot the results?

How do I get from a dataframe with multiple columns that have similar values and need to be merged: ...
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How to better represent three sets of categorical data?

Given three set of data with categorical integer x-axis with the same range (0-10): ...
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