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torch cuda not able to identify gpu on aws g4dn.xlarge

I have created an EC2 instance with GPU g4dn.xlarge and launched it. I want to run some ...
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Using gpu accelerated libSVM in python

I have been using libSVM in python notebook to classify my dataset and it takes approximately 5 hours for one run and for 5 fold cross validation, it will take almost a day+ time. I am planning to ...
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I cannot run MNIST MWE (hello world for DL)

I have installed Anaconda and want tor run MWE for MNIST but I'me getting this error: D:\STAZENE_last\Anaconda2\Lib\site-packages\torch\cuda\ ...
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CUDA error: "no kernel image is available for execution on the device" - which PyTorch version to use?

I'm running some ML python code on Amazon's EC2 - the machine has a GPU: NVIDIA A10G. The ML code is written using PyTorch. When I run the code I get error: ...
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Pytorch fails to detect workstation installed nvidia GPUs

We are trying to execute a deep learning model on a Linux workstation that from all counts has 2 NVIDIA GPUs installed. The model runs fine on our HPC cluster, but when we try to run it locally on the ...
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CUDA not available in Colab if checked using a python file

I'm trying to run a model which uses CUDA and the colab notebook I'm using is running on GPU runtime. Now if I call print(torch.cuda.is_available()) from the colab ...
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Parallel Data preprocessing

I am looking for a suggestion. Is it possible to implement the data preprocessing steps like missing value imputation, outlier detection, normalization, label encoding in parallel? Can I implement ...
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Tensorflow gpu not available for jupyter notebook

I am trying to make tensorflow work with gpu support. First I have tensorflow-gpu installed: However, there is no gpu available....
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ValueError: Mixed precision training with AMP or APEX (`--fp16` or `--bf16`) and half precision evaluation (`--fp16) can only be used on CUDA devices

i’m fine tuning the wav2vec-xlsr model. i’ve created a virtual env for that and i’ve installed cuda 11.0 and tensorflow-gpu==2.5.0 but it gives the following error : ValueError: Mixed precision ...
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NCHW input matrix to Dm conversion logic for convolution in cuDNN

I have been trying to understand the convolution lowering operation shown in the cuDNN paper. I was able to understand most of it by reading through and mapping various parameters to the image below. ...
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mBART training "CUDA out of memory"

I want to train a network with mBART model in google colab , but I got the message of ...
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How do I install CUDA GPU for Visual Studio 2022 for windows 10?

I cannot find the visual studio 2019 version and every time I try to install CUDA 11.2.2 on my laptop, It warns me about not that I haven't installed Visual Studio. I've tried installing the C++ add-...
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Cuda for PyTorch and Cuda for Tensorflow

I want to install PyTorch and for that I visited PyTorch official website, and they give me a command to install it with Cuda: ...
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ValueError: GPU is not accessible. Was the library installed correctly?

I installed spacy 3 in a venv and tried to execute: spacy.require_gpu() Then I got this as output: ...
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Is it worth to upgrade CUDA and cuDNN while having older GPUs?

New CUDA 11.x versions add support for TF32 format, other new features for newer cards (RTX30xx, A100 etc). Is it worth upgrading to CUDA 11.x if you have GTX 1050 or RTX 2080 (having tensor cores)? ...
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Unable to use pip package obtained from building Tensorflow 2.3 from source

I've managed to build Tensorflow 2.3 from source, following these instructions: But, when I install obtained ...
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Why does my GPU immediately run out of memory when I try to run this code?

I am trying to write a neural network that will train on plays by Shakespeare and then write its own passages. I am using pytorch. For some reason, my GPU ...
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CUDA compatibility of GTX 1650ti versus 1650

I am confused about CUDA compatibility. I am studying deep learning and looking for a laptop to buy. One laptop has GTX 1650ti and another has GTX 1650. Will both be able to use GPU for model training,...
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Why is Tensorflow LSTM training slower on a machine with far better components?

Training an LSTM using the exact code and dataset on two different machines with different components yields different results in terms of training time. However, for my case, the results were the ...
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Why GPU doesn't utilise System memory?

I have noticed that more often when training huge Deep Learning models on consumer GPUs (like GTX 1050ti) The network often doesn't work. The reason is that the GPU just doesn't have enough ...
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Keras multi-gpu seems to heavily load one of the cards

I'm using Keras (tf backend) to train a neural net; I'm accelerating with GPUs using the multi gpu options in Keras. For some reason, the program seems to heavily load one of the cards and the others ...
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