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How to mask particular segment of images while training CycleGAN?

Say I am using a CycleGAN to generate Zebra from Horse. But for my case, there is also deer present in both of the images, and I don't want to change the deer from my input and keep them the same in ...
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Why is cycle consistency loss alone not sufficient to produce meaningful output?

Imagine an adaptation of CycleGAN, in which the discriminators were removed in lieu of using only cycle consistency loss. Well, it turns out that the original authors of Cycle Consistent Adversarial ...
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Question About Discriminator of CycleGan

The Discriminator of CycleGan outputs not just a single value to say that the image is real or fake.... But It outputs a grid of numbers (like 8X8 or 7x7), where each number says whether one patch of ...
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Vanishing problem with cyclegan wasserstein loss function

I have modified a keras cyclegan keras cyclegan version of horses and zebras to the classical fer2013 face recognition file. I got some results this cyclegan trying to get some additional DISGUST (...
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