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Questions tagged [data-quality]

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1 answer

Effect of Sequential Data Quality Variation on Transformer Model Training: Seeking Insights and Experiences

I'm exploring the training efficiency of transformer models against the backdrop of data quality sequencing. Specifically, I ponder whether arranging unlabeled data by presumed quality affects ...
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1 answer

What techniques can I use to detect wrongly tagged fraud transactions?

Context: we have a fairly well performing XGBoost model that gives out a prob score denoting the probability of a transaction being a Fraud transaction. The model is trained on past data, with ...
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Tools for manual disambiguation/editing of match results

We are using a clustering approach to find data that is present in multiple datasets. Eg, if a product is sold on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, we want to know that it's the same product. The ...
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Frechet Inception Distance (FID) score: is this suitable to measure quality of individual generated image or only for group of generated images?

If I want to measure the quality of the images generated from GAN, what metric should I use and any reference for it so that I can check how it's done? I was thinking of using Frechet Inception ...
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Is it possible to use the SODA tool as open source?

I was reading about the SODA tool and was wondering if it was free to use. As far as I understand, it has a SODA library and a SODA core, but they are all just clients for connecting to a cloud server ...
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1 answer

How to exercise Quality Assurance Engineering principles to Artificial Intelligence systems?

In deterministic (software) systems we have a set of business requirements and ideally, given enough resources, such a system can be fully defined of which are the expected outputs for each inputs or ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Calculating Potential Usefulness of Acquiring Additional Data [closed]

Imagine Anne has a labeled training dataset for a machine learning prediction problem. There is an opportunity to acquire more data from an agent, at a cost. However, before she decides to acquire ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Public information quality trends vs quantity

With the great increase of publically viewable information (content) supported by the internet and modern communications, is the average quality of that information decreasing, roughly static, or ...
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1 vote
0 answers

UI-based Tool for Qualitative Evaluation of Data Quality

Dear DS StackExchange community, I'm currently searching the interwebs for a (near-)ready-to-use solution, to perform a qualitative evaluation of extracted features from video data. In my head the ...
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