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A dataset is a collection of data, often in tabular or matrix form. This tag is NOT intended for data requests ("where can I find a dataset about ...") --> see OpenData

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Versatile data structure for combined statistics

Not sure if this is Math, Stats or Data Science, but I figured I would post it here to get the site used. As a programmer, when you have a system/component implemented, you might want to allow some ...
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Trouble representing a problem

I have a problem and I'm having trouble representing it - first I thought I should use graph theory (nodes and edges) and now I'm not sure. My data is some tanks names and it's volumes, those tanks ...
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Quick guide into training highly imbalanced data sets

I have a classification problem with approximately 1000 positive and 10000 negative samples in training set. So this data set is quite unbalanced. Plain random forest is just trying to mark all test ...
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Freebase Related Models [closed]

It may be unlikely that anyone knows this but I have a specific question about Freebase. Here is the Freebase page from the Ford Taurus automotive model . It has a property called "Related Models". ...
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Data sets for evaluating text retrieval quality [closed]

I'm searching for data sets for evaluating text retrieval quality. TF-IDF is a popular similarity measure, but is it the best choice? And which variant is the best choice? Lucenes Scoring for example ...
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Apps to manage/host data sets [closed]

I'm looking for the best solution to manage and host datasets for journalistic pursuits. I am assessing and Can anyone explain the differences ...
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Query similarity: how much data is used in practice?

I recently read Similarity Measures for Short Segments of Text (Metzler et al.). It describes basic methods for measuring query similarity, and in the paper, the data consists of queries and their ...
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Where can I find free spatio-temporal dataset for download?

Where can I find free spatio-temporal dataset for download so that I can play with it in R ?
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Subgraph isomorphism and Anti-monotone property

While finding frequent subgraphs in single large graph, subgraph isomorphism (test) is not considered because its not anti-monotone. How and why subgraph isomorphism is not anti-monotone ?
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Handling huge dataset imbalance (2 class values) and appropriate ML algorithm

I have train and test sets of chronological data consisting of 305000 instances and 70000,appropriately. There are 15 features in each instance and only 2 possible class values ( NEW,OLD). The problem ...
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Analyzing A/B test results which are not normally distributed, using independent t-test

I have a set of results from an A/B test (one control group, one feature group) which do not fit a Normal Distribution. In fact the distribution resembles more closely the Landau Distribution. I ...
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R aggregate() with dates

I am working on a data set that has multiple traffic speed measurements per day. My data is from the city of chicago, and it is taken every minute for about six months. I wanted to consolidate this ...
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Data Science Project Ideas [closed]

I don't know if this is a right place to ask this question, but a community dedicated to Data Science should be the most appropriate place in my opinion. I have just started with Data Science and ...
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Should I go for a 'balanced' dataset or a 'representative' dataset?

My 'machine learning' task is of separating benign Internet traffic from malicious traffic. In the real world scenario, most (say 90% or more) of Internet traffic is benign. Thus I felt that I should ...
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Job title similarity

I'm trying to define a metric between job titles in IT field. For this I need some metric between words of job titles that are not appearing together in the same job title, e.g. metric between the ...
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NASDAQ Trade Data

I am trying to find stock data to practice with, is there a good resource for this? I found this but it only has the current year. I already have a way of parsing the protocol, but would like to have ...
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Getting GitHub repository information by different criteria

New to the Data Science forum, and first poster here! This may be kind of a specific question (hopefully not too much so), but one I'd imagine others might be interested in. I'm looking for a way to ...
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Dataset for Named Entity Recognition on Informal Text

I'm currently searching for labeled datasets to train a model to extract named entities from informal text (something similar to tweets). Because capitalization and grammar are often lacking in the ...
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Data preparation and machine learning algorithm for click prediction

I am new to machine learning. I have a task at hand of predicting click probability given user information like city, state, OS version, OS family, device, browser family, browser version, etc. I have ...
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Network analysis classic datasets

There are several classic datasets for machine learning classification/regression tasks. The most popular are: Iris Flower Data Set; Titanic Data Set; Motor Trend Cars; etc. But does anyone know ...
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Where can I download historical market capitalization and daily turnover data for stocks?

There are plenty of sources which provide the historical stock data but they only provide the OHLC fields along with volume and adjusted close. Also a couple of sources I found provide market cap data ...
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Datasets understanding best practices

I am a CS master student in data mining. My supervisor once told me that before I run any classifier or do anything with a dataset I must fully understand the data and make sure that the data is clean ...
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First steps on a new cleaned dataset

What is the very first thing you do when you get your hands on a new data set (assuming it is cleaned and well structured)? Please share sample code snippets as I am sure this would be extremely ...
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Techniques for trend extraction from unbalanced panel data

My data set is formatted like this: User-id | Threat_score aaa 45 bbb 32 ccc 20 The list contains the top 100 users with the highest threat ...
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Suggest text classifier training datasets

Which freely available datasets can I use to train a text classifier? We are trying to enhance our users engagement by recommending the most related content for him, so we thought If we classified ...
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Publicly available social network datasets/APIs

As an extension to our great list of publicly available datasets, I'd like to know if there is any list of publicly available social network datasets/crawling APIs. It would be very nice if alongside ...
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Publicly Available Datasets

One of the common problems in data science is gathering data from various sources in a somehow cleaned (semi-structured) format and combining metrics from various sources for making a higher level ...

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