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Metrics for difference between two "vectors" of independents values

New here! I'm working in some crypto for a Ph.D. and I'm trying to figure out the best metrics to measure the different/error between a input vector of integers with the output that ideally is the ...
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Logistic Regression, Standardization, Stationarity, Differencing

I am going to be using the logistic regression in which I will use L2 Regularization. I have these 4 rolling standard deviation variables. Here are the results of the Augmented Dickey-Fuller Test for ...
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Are Machine Learning Weather Prediction models better than classic weather forecast?

We all know that, there are weather prediction models and case studies. But I don't understand the reason, why people trust them rather than weather forecast on TV. I mean, what is advantages of ...
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Which statistical test should I use to show significance in favour of a system?

I have a dataset of the following form: System A Rating System B Rating 4.5 5 3 4 5 3 etc. etc. I have 155 such data points gathered using a survey. Which statistical test should I use to show ...
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What is the appropriate statistical test to compare the MAUC scores from two machine learning classifiers?

I would like to compare the scores of two multi-class classifiers. I have calculated the MAUC score for each of the algorithms, and now I want to see whether there is a statistical difference between ...
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Feature Interactions vs Feature Importances

What are the differences between Feature Interactions and Feature Importances?
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What's the difference between data classification and clustering (from a Data point of view)

What are the differences and the similarities between data classification (using dedicated distance-based methods) and data clustering (which has certain defined methods such as ...
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What is the difference between active learning and reinforcement learning?

From Wikipedia: Active learning is a special case of machine learning in which a learning algorithm can interactively query a user (or some other information source) to label new data points with the ...
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Kaggle notebook Vs Google Colab

What are the major differences between Kaggle notebook and Google Colab notebook? To work on a dataset my first step is to start a Kaggle notebook but then I cant help thinking what could be the ...
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Get the average time between first and 2nd call (postgresql)

I have the following data in table where I want to calculate the average time between 1st and 2nd call. I know how to get the average, but I have a though time to figure out how to subtract the 2nd ...
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Which method to use to remove trend from time series?

From what I understand, differencing is necessary to remove the trend and seasonality of a time series. So I assumed it basically does the same thing as signal.detrend from the scipy library. But I ...
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Feeding 3 consecutive video frames to a CNN to track a tennis ball

I want to use CNN transfer learning to track a tennis ball from TV broadcasts of tennis matches. I used VGG annotating tool annotation tool link (use version 1 of the tool for compatibility with ...
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dataframe.columns.difference() use

I am trying to find the working of dataframe.columns.difference() but couldn't find a satisfactory explanation about it. Can anyone explain the working of this ...
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Why my results have time delay when I use LSTM?

I am trying to fit and test LSTM on a numeric series(like stock prices). But it seems that I always get a lag in predicted graph(Blue) with respect to real graph(red). Does anyone know why this ...
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What is the difference between bootstrapping and sampling in reinforcement learning?

I have come across a David Silver's slide which contains both the terms "bootstrapping" and "sampling". Is there any realistic example which helps me to understand the concepts better.
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What is difference between Bayesian Networks and Belief Networks?

While reading some articles about Bayesian Networks, I came across many occurrences of Belief Networks. Do both of these terms mean the same thing or is there any difference between Bayesian Networks ...
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