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Learning target of Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Model

I am trying to understand the learning target of DDPM. Trying to understand $D_{KL}(q(x_{1:T}|x_0)||p_\theta(x_{1:T}|x_0)$ in following line. $$ -\log p_\theta(x_0) <= -\log p_\theta(x_0) + D_{KL}(...
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Diffusion models on Data from a uniform distribution

Can Diffusion models learn data sampled from a uniform random distribution?
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How many parameters are necessary before stable diffusion "works"?

Stable diffusion is essentially removing entropy from noisy images. If you have $n$ latent dimensions, and add Gaussian noise independently to each dimension, then the added entropy is on the order of ...
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How to generate synthetic feature instead of synthetic image using Diffusion-based generative Model?

Is it possible to pass some extracted features from the pre-trained ResNet model to a diffusion model for training and further generate synthetic features instead of images like GAN or VAE? P.S. I ...
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