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Deep Reinforcement Learning - mean Q as an evaluation metric

I'm tuning a deep learning model for a learner of Space Invaders game (image below). The state is defined as relative eucledian distance between the player and the enemies + relative distance between ...
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Actions taken by agentn/ agent performance not improving

Hi I am trying to develop an rl agent using PPO algorithm. My agent takes an action(CFM) to maintain a state variable called RAT in between 24 to 24.5. I am using PPO algorithm of stable-baselines ...
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Formulation of a reward structure

I am new to reinforcement learning and experimenting with training of RL agents. I have a doubt about reward formulation, from a given state if a agent takes a good action i give a positive reward, ...
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How to formulate reward of an rl agent with two objectives

I have started learning reinforcement learning and trying to apply it for my use case. I am developing an rl agent which can maintain temperature at a particular value, and minimize the energy ...
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Unbalanced discounted reward in reinforcement learning : is it a problem?

Discounted rewards seems unbalanced to me. If we take as example an episode with 4 actions, where each action receive a reward of +1 : +1 -> +1 -> +1 -> +1 The discounted reward for the last ...
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How to choose between discounted reward and average reward?

How to select between average reward and discounted reward? And when average reward is more effective in comparison with discounter reward and when vice versa is correct? Is is possible to use both ...
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