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Help understanding working of KeyBERT for keyphrase extraction

I'm fairly new to reading and understanding research papers, so I wanted to get a second opinion on whether my understanding of KeyBERT was correct. Here is a high level overview of my understanding ...
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How to extract handwritten phone numbers from a huge set of documents?

Say you have a lot of PDF documents, say K documents. Each document Di is Ni pages long. In one of the Ni pages (don't know which, say Pi), there is the information you need to extract. I am thinking ...
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Highlight specific paragraphs from documents

I have a bunch of documents in which I want to highlight certain paragraphs/keyphrases. I have a list of the most frequently appearing sentences and I want to search for these paragraphs/keyphrases in ...
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Multi-page document image classification [closed]

Sorry for the long post but I needed it to be able to capture all the details and questions. I am working on multi-page document image classification problem and am kind of confused on what approach ...
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What is the most efficient way of image document classification?

So, I am working on a project where I have to extract sales tax invoice from the pdf document which contains other files along with the invoice. I researched on the topic, and am considering two ...
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Data Analytics Documantaions

I am working as a data analyst in a company. Me and my colleagues use different tools and software to analyze the data and make the reports (e.g., Excel, Python, R, Alteryx, SQL, Tableau). Each one ...
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Entity Linking for Receipts [closed]

I am building a model for reading receipts from their mobile snapshots. After the receipt is OCR'd, I plan to use a variation on LayoutLM for entity extraction. Entities are: "quantity", &...
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What is the meaning of, or explanation for, having multiple tags in a Doc2Vec model's TaggedDocuments?

I've tried reading the other answers on this topic but I'm unsure if I understand completely. For my dataset, I have a series of tagged documents, "good" or "bad." Each document ...
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"Object" Detection in Textual Data

I have a task where the input is a parsed document (i.e., full text in 1 string or tokens) and I need to classify parts of the text into say 5 classes (i.e., 5 tokens from the entire text are labeled ...
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Document clustering to merge common labels

I am building a recommendation system and I have to clean up some of the labels that I have. For example of the data df['resolution_modified'].value_counts() Gives ...
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Identify Resume Structure

I am trying to build a resume parser (from PDF to JSON). After extracting text from a pdf as one long string, how would you split the string into different sections like the red lines show. Resumes ...
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