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7 votes
3 answers

Why random sample from replay for DQN?

I'm trying to gain an intuitive understanding of deep reinforcement learning. In deep Q-networks (DQN) we store all actions/environments/rewards in a memory array and at the end of the episode, "...
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1 answer

What is wrong with this reinforcement learning environment ?

I'm working on below reinforcement learning problem: I have bottle of fix capacity (say 5 liters). At the bottom of bottle there is cock to remove water. The distribution of removal of water is not ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to resolve the instability of average reward per episode in training of DQN (Deep Q-Network)?

what is shown when average reward per episode in training is unstable? If there is big difference between average reward per episode and final reward by test section, what we can say? For instance in ...
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DQN cannot learn or converge

I have implemented a DQN using keras. The task is to collect the circles and avoid the red circle and crosses. The associated rewards are +5, -5 and 0 otherwise. if the agent go out of the board, the ...
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