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Consistency error in visualization of policy improvement in Sutton & Barto's book?

Sutton & Barto introduce in their foundational book on "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction" in the context of Dynamic Programming algorithms for policy evaluation and improvement. ...
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Structured policies in dynamic programming: solving a toy example

I am trying to solve a dynamic programming toy example. Here is the prompt: imagine you arrive in a new city for $N$ days and every night need to pick a restaurant to get dinner at. The qualities of ...
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Bellman operator and contraction property

Currently, I am learning about Bellman Operator in Dynamic Programming and Reinforcement Learning. I would like to know why is Bellman operator contraction with respect to infinity norm? Why not ...
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Confusion about the Bellman Equation

In some resources, the belman equation is shown as below: $v_{\pi}(s) = \sum\limits_{a}\pi(a|s)\sum\limits_{s',r}p(s',r|s,a)\big[r+\gamma v_{\pi}(s')\big] $ The thing that I confused is that, the $\pi$...
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Coding a Content Addressable Memory on a GPU

I´m trying to code a CAM or more simply a dictionary storing the pointer of the data accessible by a key. I try to do it with a GPU but all attempts have been inefficient compared on using System....
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Idenitity between TD(0) algorithm and Policy Evaluation in Dynamic Programming when alpha is equal to 1

TD(0) algorithm is defined as the iterative update of the following: $$ V(s) \leftarrow V(s) + \alpha({r + \gamma V(s')} - V(s) ) $$ Now, if we assume alpha to be equal to 1, we get the traditional ...
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Reducing the training time of an RL agent

I am trying to develop an rl agent using DQN algorithm.During training, the agent interacts with environment which is a simulated one.Each episode takes around 10 mins to run. This way if want my ...
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About the time differences in the Bellman equation

I am trying to grasp fundamental mathematics behind the Reinforcement Learning and so far I have unterstood how the Value Iteration and Policy algorithms do converge (contractions, etc.) I have still ...
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What is the difference between dynamic programming and Q-learning?

What is the difference between the DP-based algorithm and Q-learning?
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