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Keras CNN early stopping not working as expected with patience parameter in imbalanced datasets

So I want to stop the cnn when a custom (not implemented in keras) logged metric is not improving with a patience of 5 (I chose macro f1 score) and here's what I did: Created a callback to log the ...
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How do we modify the early stopping procedure to account for better losses after initial rise in losses?

I have a question regarding the usage of early stopping in the training of my forecasting model. Curious about how the training would go without early stopping, I observed that the test loss seems to ...
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Avoid overfitting to noise by a noise penalty approach instead of early stopping?

I came across this article on deep learning for computational MRI and found an interesting sentence "However, early stopping has to be performed to not overfit to the noisy measurements." ...
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Tensorflow / Keras - Using both ModelCheckpoint: save_best_only and EarlyStopping: restore_best_weights

ModelCheckpoint save_best_only: if save_best_only=True, it only saves when the model is considered the "best" and the latest best model according to the quantity monitored will not be ...
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What is the purpose of EarlyStopping returning last epoch's weights by default?

I recently realized that keras callback for early stopping returns the last epoch's weights by default. If you want to do otherwise you can use the argument ...
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2 answers

Strategy to choose maximum value from an unknown array of n numbers

Suppose you have an array of n normally distributed numbers whose values are initially unknown(and the probability parameters are unknown too). You must choose one number and you want it to have ...
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4 answers

Is it ok if I use early callbacks with restore best weights?

Does anyone know, if it is ok if I use early callbacks with restore best weights? The metric measured by the early callback is validation loss. I was afraid that if I restore the best weights of the ...
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0 answers

Is Callback / early stopping and validation set is not mandatory

I just noticed that in mostly github repositry of research papers they didnt implemented early stopping criteria and they didnt use validation set but whats the reason behind this?
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Keras: How to restore initial weights when using EarlyStopping

Using Keras, I setup EarlyStoping like this: EarlyStopping(monitor='val_loss', min_delta=0, patience=100, verbose=0, mode='min', restore_best_weights=True) When I ...
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Early stopping based on average val_loss of last ten epoches and with some n partiences

I am training a DNN with CNN in Keras. Though, I can write an EarlyStopping criteria based on val_loss but due to minor oscillations in the val_loss, I want to monitor the average validation loss over ...
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1 answer

When to stop the final model training?

Let's say I'm participating in a Kaggle image recognition competition. Firstly, I create a train/validation split and find the good hyperparameters for my model. Here the stopping criterion is when ...
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1 answer

Early stopping with class weights / sample weights

I'm performing a classification of imbalanced multiclass data using a Neural Network in the TensorFlow framework. Therefore, I'm applying class weights. I would like to apply early stopping to reduce ...
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6 votes
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Keras EarlyStopping callback: Why would I ever set restore_best_weights=False?

The point of EarlyStopping is to stop training at a point where validation loss (or some other metric) does not improve. If I have set ...
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Can we used both cross validation/nested cross validation technique and early stopping with patient at the same time?

Can we use both cross validation/nested cross validation technique and early stopping with patient at the same time? Using early stopping for each (training, validation) fold and get best result of ...
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1 answer

NGBoost and overfit - which model is used?

While training an NGBoost model I got: ...
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Can the use of EarlyStopping() offset overfitting problems caused by validation_split?

Keras gives users the option, while fitting a model, to split the data into train/test samples using the parameter "validation_split. Example: ...
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EarlyStopping based on the loss

When training my CNN model, based on the random initialization of weights, i get the prediction results. In other words, with the same training and test data i get different results every time when i ...
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Daily new data for my neural network, and I want transfer(?) learning

I made my neural network, it is pre-trained for 180 days of data. ...
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3 answers

What is the proper way to use early stopping with cross-validation?

I am not sure what is the proper way to use early stopping with cross-validation for a gradient boosting algorithm. For a simple train/valid split, we can use the valid dataset as the evaluation ...
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Keras Early Stopping: Monitor 'loss' or 'val_loss'?

I often use "early stopping" when I train neural nets, e.g. in Keras: ...
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