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NLP + Elasticsearch

I want to integrate NLP in my project ( medical data visualization using Elasticsearch and kibana) have you any idea about that
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Are index and type redundant after elasticsearch 6.0?

After elasticsearch 6.0, 1 index contains only 1 type. So what's the difference between type and index? Books say that-: Index~Database Type~Table Document~Record And if you see this figure, type and ...
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How does google indexes text documents?

Unfortunately, I didn't find much information surrounding this, no pdfs, no textbooks that discuss this in just enough detail. And I didn't see any forums posts about this. I just want to learn an ...
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Best way to vectorise names and addresses for similarity searching?

I have a large dataset of around 9 million people with names and addresses. Given quirks of the process used to get the data it is highly likely that a person is in the dataset more than once, with ...
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