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Gridsearch XGBoost for ensemble. Do I include first-level prediction matrix of base learners in train set?

I'm not quite sure how I should go about tuning xgboost before I use it as a meta-learner in ensemble learning. Should I include the prediction matrix (ie. df containing columns of prediction results ...
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Physical modelling with neural networks - single output + stack ensemble vs multi-output

We are trying to replace an existing physical model (8 inputs/7 outputs) with artificial neural networks. The physics behind the existing model is mainly thermodynamics of humid air for air ...
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Feature Importance in Stacked Model

I have built a stacked model using mlxtend StakingCVClassifier. I want to know the feature importance scores now. Is there any way I can calculate feature importance scores for the stacked model? If ...
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Is ensemble model black box?

Does all ensemble model variants such as voting, bagging and stacked considered black-box model? Since it is difficult to visualize and interpret the model especially when complexity increases?
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How does stacking help Bias and Variance?

How does stacking help in terms of bias and variance? I have a hunch that stacking can help reduce bias but i am not sure, could someone refer to a paper?
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Domain specific language to describe ensemble model

I'm looking for some tool/library/widely used approach to describe Hierarchical Model structure like ensemble: It's absolutely straightforward how to do it with simple ensemble like It can be ...
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How to create an ensemble in tensorflow using tf.estimator?

I have created a neural network using tensorflow's estimator API: ...
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Record / subject wise aggregate classification

In the project I am studying I have a set of records (each record is a 1D signal) with variable length. For normalizing length and data augmentation, I am segmenting them in fixed length samples so I ...
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Voting classifier ensemble error: 'ValueError: Unknown metric function: 'function'.'

I am trying to create a hard voting ensemble of three neural networks. I've already converted them to Keras Classifiers. Here is the code: ...
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How to write decider function for multiple models

I have trained two classifiers .. Text Classification and Image Classification. So both models gives score for each class. For example there are 3 classes. Each model give array of 3 confidence score ...
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What is the best way to use Early Stopping in an ensemble (stacking) model?

I have a training and a test dataset. I would like to use the output of Model A in an ensemble model. However, I would like to use early stopping. Usually, I would create Model A for each K-fold (on ...
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