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PyG Autoencoder reconstruction loss criterion node vs link prediction

In they use this criterion in computing the loss (which is like what we used in SRP). criterion = torch.nn.BCEWithLogitsLoss()
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Product name matching - Entity Resolution or Entity Linkage or both?

Context I am at the start of a project where I would like to map/match/link external product names to the respective internal product names. The goal should be to ingest related external information (...
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How to Use Graph Learning Libraries to Predict Edges on a Graph where Each Node Has an Embedding?

An undirectional graph $\mathcal{G}$ has the set of nodes $\mathcal{N}$ where each node has an associated unique embedding of $512$ dimensions. Note that the embeddings themselves are fixed, and not ...
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Exemplify key differences between entity linking and entity matching?

It seems to me that entity linking and entity matching are very similar. Entity linking is also named named entity disambiguation; while entity matching is also called record linkage or deduplication, ...
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How to link/relate predicted entities in named entity recognition?

I have developed a NER model to detect all address and property price independently in a pdf document which have property address and its prices in natural language. There are lots of variations in ...
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Open Source Annotation Tools for spaCy's Entity Linker?

According to the Tutorial "Training a custom ENTITY LINKING model with spaCy" (20:33) this is the training data format for spaCy's Entity Linker: ...
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complete entity extraction from unstructured data

I understand there are many techniques/libraries/packages to extract named entities like people, places etc. from data. Personally, for me an entity is something like: ...
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how to find the best candidate [closed]

I am doing some work about entity disambiguation. Please suppose, there are some candidates for each entity, e.g. e1 has three candidates c1, c2, c3. Each candidate has two values: v1 and v2 We know ...
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Passing a word cloud choice to a corpus viewer

Can I pass a selected word (via a click) in a word cloud to the RedExp filter in a corpus viewer? Is: Desired: [email protected]'ll join up next...Thanks for any help
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Entity linking vs aliasing

The process of finding entity in a knowledge base (KB) that a given keyphrase in a text refers to is called entity linking. I have the opposite problem. I have an entity in my knowledge base (KB) and ...
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