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Is all entropy calculation an estimation in practice?

Self information is defined by the $-\log$ the probability. However, how do we know the probability distribution in the first place? (Same goes for Shannon Entropy) Does this mean that in practice all ...
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Model uncertainty quantification

I'm reading a paper about model uncertainty quantification. Specifically, it says epistemic uncertainty is a kind of uncertainty due to lack of knowledge about a particular region in the input space. ...
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How many parameters are necessary before stable diffusion "works"?

Stable diffusion is essentially removing entropy from noisy images. If you have $n$ latent dimensions, and add Gaussian noise independently to each dimension, then the added entropy is on the order of ...
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How to use labels to fit several thresholds in a simple decision rule?

I have a binary labelled dataset with numeric features. I want to create a "business rule" of the type y = x1 > t1 and x2 > t2 and x3 > t3. ...
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When should I use Gini Impurity as opposed to Information Gain (Entropy)?

Can someone practically explain the rationale behind Gini impurity vs Information gain (based on Entropy)? Which metric is better to use in different scenarios while using decision trees?
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