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Elements of Statistical Learning (ESL) is a popular introductory text on data mining written by Jerome H. Friedman, Robert Tibshirani, and Trevor Hastie. It includes topics on data mining, statistical inference, and prediction.

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Why do decision trees have low accuracy?

It seems to be generally acknowledged that decision trees have low prediction accuracy. Is there a concise explanation for why they have low accuracy? I've read this so much, I've accepted it to be ...
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How to compute Hessian matrix for log-likelihood function for Logistic Regression

I am currently studying the Elements of Statistical Learning book. The following equation is in page 120. It calculates the Hessian matrix for the log-likelihood function as follows \begin{equation} ...
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Prerequisites for Elements of Statistical Learning

I am working through Elements of Statistical Learning, and unfortunately have found great difficulty in following the math. I have taken the standard series of Calculus courses (i.e., up to multi-...
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Beginner math books for Machine Learning

I'm a Computer Science engineer with no background in statistics or advanced math. I'm studying the book Python Machine Learning by Raschka and Mirjalili, but when I tried to understand the math of ...