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Is it unethical to gather data from data leaks about demographics?

Sorry if this is the wrong SE, but in my mind it made the most sense to ask this here. My question is related to specifically collecting information about a target demographic, not individuals which ...
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Points to remember when embarking on an organization-wide turn to AI solutions

In our organization, we are currently in the phase of building up team, skills to automate and implement AI based solutions. So, we are very early in this AI journey. Right now, we are also working on ...
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Difference between ethics and bias in Machine Learning

I'm confused about the difference between "ethics" and "bias" when those concepts are discussed in the context of Machine Learning (ML). In my understanding, ethical issue in ML is ...
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Ethical consequences of non-deterministic learning processes?

Most advanced supervised learning techniques are non-deterministic by construction. The final output of the model usually depends on some random parts of the learning process. (Random weight ...
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