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Fastai is a deep learning library for Python. It is built on top of PyTorch, and provides high level API to various common deep learning applications and data types. For more information see: or

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Why do all the resulting curves from my function combining N-many random ReLUs look like quadratics?

I've written a function that generates a sum of N-many RelU functions, with random slopes and activation points. I was expecting these resulting functions to be arbitrary, random curves, but for some ...
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Bad performance with CNN for basic image classification task

how are you doing? I'm playing around with CNN in FastAI. My model with 2 millions parameters only has around 80% accuracy. I also tried with Data normalization, Batch normalization, Label smoothing, ...
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How to improve neural network for face classification?

I generated 700 1024x1024 images of female faces using an API. I labelled them either as attractive or unattractive. The neural net should learn which face I find attractive and which not. But the ...
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AttributeError: normalize fastai

I'm trying to use fastai to train a model however I get this error when I try to normalize my data using imagenet stats. After searching for a while, I can't find any valid substitute for this line. ...
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From what function do come the gradients that I use to adjust weights?

I have a question about the loss function and the gradient. So I'm following the fastai ( course and at the end of 4th chapter, I got myself wondering. From what ...
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Colab variable inspector stops working after importing from fastbook

As best as I could find, this question was not asked before. I'm using colab, and I use its variable inspector. I'm trying to do the FastAI exercices, and I noticed that when doing them, the variable ...
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How to handle imbalanced NLP text data set e.g. some classes only have 2 records

I am working on a dataset with around 2000 records. Around 80% records have their the categorical labels. There are around 200 categories, some categories got more than 20 records; whereas others only ...
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Is it advisable to use a model which is underfit but gives very high accuracy?

I am training a model for a single-label classification task in Vision. In this training, I am using oversampling of all the classes, and MixUp augmentation, along with rotation and dihedral ...
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Fast AI Lesson 4 - MNIST. Confused about multiplying weights by pixels?

I’m on lesson 4 of the Fast AI "Deep Learning for Coders" course, and have been back through the same lesson a few times now but I don’t think I’m quite getting a few things. I want to have ...
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How to specify version for dependencies so that each one is compatible and stays within a size limit?

I am trying to deploy a web app to Heroku. The free tier is limited to 500 MB. I am using my resnet34 model as a .pkl file. I create model with it using the fastai ...
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How imagenet mean and std derived?

To use pre-trained models it is a preferred practice to normalize the input images with imagenet standards. mean=[0.485, 0.456, 0.406] and ...
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fastai - using 'untar_data' function in kaggle kernel

I have recently started with fastai lesson 1 and I am using kaggle to run the course notebooks. While going through the ‘lesson1-pets’ notebook we use ...
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Classification with a lot of the classes

I’m trying to make model which will classify text into about 500 different classes. I think that I have to customize architecture of the Pooling Classifier which looks now like this: ...
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Improve performance of my CNN model

I am working on an image classification problem. There are 876 images in the training and 600 in the test dataset. It is a multi class classification for plants. Since this is my first CNN problem, ...
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Face recognition - How to make an image classifier with large number of classes?

I am planning to make an image classifier that identifies the face of every player in the English Premier League. I have a couple of questions (since until now I have only worked with small or ...
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Arguments in python function that are not in the function definition?

I have been coming across function calls that use arguments that are not in the function definition. I would like to know how that works (i.e. how the compiler interprets this). For example, this ...
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