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Questions tagged [feature-interaction]

For questions related to Feature Interactions, the interaction between two features is the change in the prediction that occurs by varying the features after considering the individual feature effects

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What does the shap interaction value of a feature with itself mean?

SHAP allows us to compute interaction effects by considering pairwise feature attributions. This leads to a matrix of attribution values representing the impact of all pairs of features on a given ...
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Can I decompose SHAP interaction values like a linear regression?

I had a question regarding the shap interaction matrix. Suppose I have 500 samples with 2 features. Then my interaction matrix becomes (500,2,2). I want to calculate the SHAP values of each feature ...
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model interaction between words for a sentiment analysis task

I am wondering what is the most appropriate way to model the interaction between two words/variables in a language model for a sentiment analysis task. For example, in the following dataset: ...
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how interacting variables (known in statistics as moderating variable) are handled by KNN algorithm?

Can someone intuitively explain how interacting variables are being handled by KNN.according to the book "Introduction to Data Mining": Nearest neighbor classifiers can handle the presence ...
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Linear Regression bad results after log transformation

I have a dataset that has the following columns: The variable I'm trying to predict is "rent". My dataset looks a lot similar to what happens in this notebook. I tried to normalize the rent ...
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Feature Interactions vs Feature Importances

What are the differences between Feature Interactions and Feature Importances?
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