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Questions tagged [feature-map]

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What can we learn from visualizing Feature Maps

I have the following classification model (dogs vs cats): ...
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How do convolutional layers in a CNN feed forward when there is multiple input feature maps?

I've been trying to recreate LeNet 1(LeNet 1 architecture is pictured in the top diagram) in python using NumPy. I am unsure of how the forward pass works when there is multiple Input feature maps in ...
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Handling different length string features and prediction of these based on other features

I am currently working on a problem where the dataset contains 200+ features (Let's call them the code features, e.g no.of.loops, memoryInst, loadInst, etc and Flags that are used to compile code ...
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Dimension change of convolutional layer after applying the feature map

In this lecture I don't understand how the output has 1 layer after applying the feature map to the 3 layer input.
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