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Which Python lib to use for classify data without training any model?

I want to classify data without training any model (nor using neural networks?), Should I use scikit-learn or scipy? There are also others like pytorch or keras that also have the classify method. ...
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How to handle datasets with multiple attributes in meta learning?

So far we have seen a meta-learning example with an image dataset (e.g., Omniglot) that has only one attribute. However, they have multiple attributes if we want to use non-image datasets (e.g., ...
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What is zero-shot vs one-short vs few-shot learning?

Are there any papers/research work that deals with generalizing the matrix of how the *-shot(s) learning are defined? There's a wide variety of papers that titled ...
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How to find entity names in non-grammaratical text?

Given: Bella Pharma Rosuvas 5 Enalapril 10 Domperidone 10 Ned's 24 by 7 PCM 650 Teneligliptin 5 ... Get: ...
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Should number of classes be the same in few shot learning train and test?

I used to believe in k-way-n-shot few-shot learning, k and n (number of classes and samples from each class respectively) must be the same in train and test phases. But now I come across a git ...
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