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How to dectect sudden change in signal frequency? (analysis of EEG signals)

I am trying to analyze data from EEG electrodes to understand how brain activity changes in different coginitive states (for simplicity, assume that there are only 2 states: baseline (A) and chanelled ...
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How to construct Wiener Filter from powerspectrum?

I am trying to construct a Wiener Filter, to filter the ratio of the peak from the cross-correlation function, between a galaxy spectra and a template spectra, with the peak of the auto-correlation ...
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FTT Features to use after time-domain is transformed to frequency-domain

Please forgive the question if it sounds trivial/naive, I am from computer science background, not electrical/computer engineering. I work with GPS trajectory dataset for classification. Data was ...
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wavelet frequency using pywt package

Let's say a signal is measured every 5 minutes: What is the highest frequency wavelet component of this signal (using Morlet wavelet with pywt python package)? What frequency does scale 1024 ...
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Fast Fourier Transform in computer vision

Can someone explain me how does FFT works in computer vision, please. I know something about FFT as an algorithm of competitive programming but I can't understand how it perform an image in computer ...
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Using Fourier Terms and lags in Time Series Forecasting with R

I wish to use Fourier terms as predictors in my XGBoost model. My date is weekly sales from the timetk::walmart_sales_weekly dataset in R. To use Fourier terms there are two arguments required in the ...
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