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Freebase was a large, Google owned, community-edited, general knowledge semantic database that could previously be accessed via a RESTful API. It was shut down in 2016.

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4 votes
3 answers

Data available from industry operations

I'm going to start my degree thesis and I want to do a fault detector system using machine learning techniques. I need datasets for my thesis but I don't know where I can get that data. I'm looking ...
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7 votes
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Where can I find free spatio-temporal dataset for download?

Where can I find free spatio-temporal dataset for download so that I can play with it in R ?
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23 votes
3 answers

How to grow a list of related words based on initial keywords?

I recently saw a cool feature that was once available in Google Sheets: you start by writing a few related keywords in consecutive cells, say: "blue", "green", "yellow", and it automatically generates ...
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