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CNN - multidimensional matrix as input or parallel input for parallel CNN

I want to run CNN on 20 channels of images. One way is to run on a 20-channel multidimensional matrix (like RGB ). Another way is to run 20 CNN on one channel at a time ( R apart from G separately ...
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When should the Keras functional API be used?

I have always been using the sequential model for deep learning and Convolution Neural Networks, image classification and prediction. But I am not getting good accuracy everytime. Should I use the ...
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What is the better way to predict classes for the models developed using the functional API in Keras

We can predict the class for new data instances using the Sequential classification model in Keras using the predict_classes() function. What is the way to predict the class for models that developed ...
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Minimal example: Keras functional API & multi-input/multi-output regression

Problem: I have a regression problem, where I want to predict two or more numerical outcomes $y_i$ based on a number of numerical features $X_i$. The model would look like: $$y_{1,i}, y_{2,i} = \...
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