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How to define a DataLoader or Loss for a e.g. multivariable functions?

I am trying to write a NN for estimating a f:R^n --> R^m. My problem is how to train network. I mean if I want to define a dataloader, how to attach X \in R^n to its related Y \in R^m ? Because ...
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What is the name of this window function?

Is there a common name for this window function? I made it to replace a Hann window used in loading an FFT. It is basically a wide lobe cosine tapered window, or negative Blackman window. Is there a ...
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How to use function from other Colab file?

I’m coming from a math background and learning some data science. I am very new to some details of this stuff. Working with colab, I’m trying to organize my sample simulating functions in such a way ...
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Is this function how you would take the Mahalanobis Distance between tensors?

I made an attempt to copy an implementation of the Mahalanobis Distance from the PyTorch library. I'm not sure it is right or if it is more complicated than it needs to be. I would like a working and ...
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do inner functions have a substantial impact when used in series.apply() in Pandas

In pandas, if I use series.apply() to apply a function with an inner function definition, for example: ...
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Probability notation q(y) and q(Y) and its implication to vector functions

The function in question is (from Appendix B, Proof of proposition 2.1 from Posterior Regularization for Structured Latent Variable Models): $$q(\textbf{Z}) = \frac{p_{\theta}(\textbf{Z}|\textbf{X})...
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Call function from one class in the same class

I have 2 classes model and impute. I am defining a function mode_impute inside ...
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