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Questions related to analysing or optimising games, such as board games, card games or video games.

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Supervised learning for a turn-based game?

So I have 4GB of turn-by-turn data for many games of a particular strategy game. It appears that most people interested in using ML to build an AI for turn-based games use reinforcement learning to ...
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Evaluate the result of a Zero-sum game

I'm currently working on an AI playing Mandarin using Minimax. I can extract this dictionary from a game where 2 AI with different depth plays with each other: ...
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Which one of these is the most efficient way to model training data for a neural network that will play a snake-like game?

I am building an AI using a neural network that will play Tron against a human player. The game consists of a board with fixed width and height where each player can move at any direction (except for ...
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Feature Encoding for team based sports data

I am currently playing around with Keras and try to use it with various datasets. Now I have a small datasets of football game results. ...
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What kind of neural network would work best for loosely-defined data, like video game RAM?

I'm trying to build out a network layer map for a neural network to use in an NES AI. Most networks I run across on web searches are CNNs that use image data to identify things. Miles and miles and ...
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comparison of linear Q-learning and DQN

I saw in DQN nature paper 2015 Data Table 4) some comparisons between DQN and linear Q-learning. The ratio ...
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Classifying Players as winners or losers

I have a dataset that I curated from a game that I play. There are currently 130 instances (i.e. players) and an innumerable number of features. Experience tells me <10 features would be sufficient....
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Did DeepBlue use machine learning?

Did IBM's DeepBlue, which defeated a human player in chess in 1997, use machine learning? I am a bit confused by this article that says that it is AI, but not ML. Whereas this article says it is AI ...
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