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Creating a generic mathematical formula using a genetic algorithm

Assuming all of the following; I have 4 known numbers, all within a 0-400 range, like this: ...
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What is new population in genetic algorithm?

Here is my (mis?)understanding of genetic algorithm: Create n individuals. This is initial population Calculate fitness of each individual in this population ...
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Why is there such a wide range of prices for whole genome sequencing services?

Below is a list of labs around the country that offer genetic sequencing. What would be the reasons why they each cost a different amount if the end result is that you get a 90GB hard drive with 3+ ...
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2 answers

Is the GA R package the best Genetic Algorithm package?

I am learning about Data Science and I love the Healthcare part. That's why I have started a blog and my third entry is about using Genetic Algorithm for solving NP-Problems. This post is https://...
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Solving a system of equations with sparse data

I am attempting to solve a set of equations which has 40 independent variables (x1, ..., x40) and one dependent variable (y). The total number of equations (number of rows) is ~300, and I want to ...
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