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Questions tagged [genetic-programming]

Questions should be posted with this tag when help is needed using, developing, or optimizing a genetic program, finding resources about genetic programming, or understanding how genetic programming compares to other machine learning approaches for solving specific problems.

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1 vote
2 answers

Using a Genetic Algorithm in junction with a digit classifier CNN to create an "MNIST image generator"

I'm trying to use a genetic algorithm that optimizes a 28x28 matrix (its shape) to make it look like an image of the number 7 that could be found in the MNIST image dataset. My attempt is to basically ...
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How to set boundaries for Primitives in Genetic Programming

my question is very simple. How can I set the boundaries to the primitives of a Genetic Programming Algo? Le's make an example: I want as primitive the square root of a number, we know very well that ...
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Implementation/Optimization of Genetic Algorithm

I have a few queries regarding my implementation of the Genetic Algorithm (GA). I have a lot of parameters in which I have to find the best combination of these parameters to maximize the value of the ...
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Best way to optimize problem with additively separable fitness function?

I am using a genetic algorithm to maximize a few hundred thousand real-valued variables. Each of the variables, $x_i$, has its own independent boundary condition. The fitness function uses each of ...
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2 votes
1 answer

avoiding premature convergence with neural networks (EA's)

I am currently writing a program that would be able to play snake on an 25*25 grid. It works by optimizing a set of weights of 300 different solutions (each solution would be a different neural ...
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Can I use Keras to give fitness scores to a genetic algorithm?

I know that I can use Keras to solve classification problems but is it possible to get it to output a float between 0 and 1000 for instance? I want train my network to approximate the simulation that ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Genetic Programming Python library with a Scikit-Learn inspired API

I've been working with GPlearn for the passed couple of months as part of my research, but it turns out that it provides only a binary symbolic classifier. Do you guys know any other python library ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Creating a generic mathematical formula using a genetic algorithm

Assuming all of the following; I have 4 known numbers, all within a 0-400 range, like this: ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why GA convergence curves continue as two parallel lines?

I'm working on a optimization problem and using GA algorithm (in MATLAB, ga function). As you know MATLAB plots GA result with two curves, one for the best values and other to show the mean values ...
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2 answers

kaggle Titanic what is GP?

sometimes I see the kernel with GP programming. but without explanation, they put some random number with unknown equation Here is some part of GP programming ...
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In which cases should Genetic Programming be preferred over Artificial Neural Network trained with Genetic Algorithm

I am trying to understand Genetic Programming (GP) but I cannot think of any context where GP can be chosen over training Artificial Neural Networks with genetic algorithms. What problems each of ...
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