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Value[] attribute in my decision tree is not consistent with number of samples

I read that value[] attribute in a decision tree shows the distribution of the samples across class 1 and class 2. However, my value[] is not adding up. In the root node for example, there are 14 ...
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Model/variable gini?

I'm working with a colleague concurrently between R and MS Excel looking at credit risk scorecard modelling. In Excel he has calculated what he says is the gini coefficient for certain variables, ...
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How to find significance for Gini coefficient changes?

I'm using the Gini coefficient to evaluate the performance of a model. Making some changes (feature selection, hyperparameter tuning, etc.) I created variant models with different Gini coefficients. ...
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How to compute the Gini index, the entropy and the classification error from a decision tree?

How to find the Gini index, the entropy, and the classification error for each node of the tree in the figure below. Please help me to compute them.
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Decision tree Why is Gini index only used for binary choices?

I would like to understand why "Gini index operates on the categorical target variables in terms of “success” or “failure” and performs only binary split" ? Why it would not be possible to ...
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What is the meaning of the Gini Index?

I'm studying random forest models, but I don't understand what the Gini index is and what it's for. Does anyone have any material on this or can give me an explanation? Thanks!
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When should I use Gini Impurity as opposed to Information Gain (Entropy)?

Can someone practically explain the rationale behind Gini impurity vs Information gain (based on Entropy)? Which metric is better to use in different scenarios while using decision trees?
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