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Questions tagged [google-cloud-platform]

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a suite of cloud computing services that delivers computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software and analytics over the Internet

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0 answers

RLHF fine-tune llama2 in vertex ai

I have fine tune RLHF with Vertex AI Pipeline. But deployed model not showing in model registry. Why? code i have used: ...
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Data Tracking For Process Improvement

I work in a manufacturing plant with 6 production lines. As part of the maintenance crew, it is my job to record all maintenance work performed on the equipment inside of our shared OneNote. This ...
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Create a TensorFlow Input pipeline from GCS Bucket?

I wish to generate a TensorFlow input pipeline (i.e. pipeline) for an image classification project. The images stored in a GCS bucket having access controls and is not publicly accessible. And ...
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What is the best approach to deploy N number of ML models as a scalable service in the Cloud?

I've N (~50) number of sentiment models of different languages, which were fine tuned on HggingFace's transformer models. Each of the models as 2-3 GB in size approx. Now, how can I deploy all these ...
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Best way to represent a version feature based on percentiles

We're training a binary classifier in AutoML, and one of the features consist of browser versions. Currently these versions are provided "normalized" to the model, according to the ...
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Why model trains slower on GCP than on my local machine?

I'm using tensorflow-cloud and train a 3D voxel CNN. My local machine: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11GB, Intel Core i7 3GhZ, 32 GB RAM This is my machine config on tfc: ...
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Query google trend using google BigQuery

I need help with google BigQuery. Am using big query to query data from Google Trends. now I want to get data using a specific keyword example spiderman, and get the result in regions like CSV ...
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TF-IDF for 400,000+ unique words in corpus?

I have a corpus with over 400,000 unique words. I would like to build a TF-IDF matrix for this corpus. I have tried doing this on my laptop (16GB RAM) and Google Colab, but am unable to do so due to ...
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How to schedule importing data files from SFTP server located on compute engine instance into BigQuery?

What I want to achieve: Transfer hourly coming data files onto a SFTP file server located on a compute engine VM from several different feeds into Bigquery with real-time updates effectively & ...
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How can I create a VM instance with GPUs on Google Cloud Platform?

How can I create a VM instance with GPUs on Google Cloud Platform? When I go to -> CREATE INSTANCE, I only see CPUs and no GPUs, as shown in the video below....
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