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2 answers

Can stress majorization in GraphViz's neato generate 3D layouts

I am looking at GraphViz's neato graph layout utility. It uses stress majorization, on which I found a paper. I can't say that I followed all the math, but it does seem formulated for laying out a ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Visualization Tools that can show proper branch and merge in Graphs

I want help finding the visualization tool can draw similar architecture as given in the image below Keras visualization produces something similar to this graph. But I'm working in Pytorch. I tried ...
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26 votes
10 answers

GraphViz not working when imported inside PydotPlus (`GraphViz's executables not found`)

I've been trying to make these packages work for quite some time now but with no success. Basically the error is: GraphViz's Executables not found EDIT: I had ...
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