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2 answers

Image classification architecture for dataset with 710 classes, 90,000 subclasses, and anywhere from 10-1000 images per subclass?

Been struggling with finding the best approach to handle this scenario, I'm also a novice when it comes to machine learning. I have a dataset of around 700 classes, 90,000 total subclasses, and ...
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Uniquely identifying tf.keras Models for reproducibility and tracability

I'm looking for the best way to uniquely identify different trained versions of tensorflow keras models. The background of my question is that I run data analysis with those tf.keras Models and want ...
4 votes
1 answer

Has bloom filters a higher probability of collide when strings are similar

Because if it is the case, this really suits my need. I'm trying to discover popular searches on a website. For this, I'm using TopK algorithm which is based on Bloom Filter hashing. I don't want &...
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