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Is it good practice to remove the numeric values from the text data during preprocessing?

Im doing preprocessing on a text dataset. I have certain numerics in it like: date(1st July) year(2019) tentative values (3-5 years/ 10+ advantages). unique values (room no 31/ user rank 45) ...
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CountVectorizer vs HashVectorizer for text

I'd like to tokenize a column of my training data (n-gram word-wise), but I'm working with a very large dataset distributed across a compute cluster. For this use case, Count Vectorizer doens't work ...
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How to implement HashingVectorizer in multinomial naive bayes algorithim

I had used TfidfVectorizer and passed it through MultinomialNB for document classification, It was working fine. But now I need to pass a huge set of documents for ex above 1 Lakh and when I am ...
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What is the difference between a hashing vectorizer and a tfidf vectorizer

I'm converting a corpus of text documents into word vectors for each document. I've tried this using a TfidfVectorizer and a HashingVectorizer I understand that a ...
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