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What could be an example of the earliest known practice of data science?

My apologies if this question does not belong here but thinking of teaching data science, and providing its historical development in the introduction, I'm curious what could be regarded as the most ...
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Origin of the Boolean Model of Information Retrieval

Simple question, but I can't really find the answer to that: Who "invented" Boolean Retrieval? Of course, I assume that the concept grew over time, but is there a paper or publication that ...
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History that lead to the word "predict" being used for the application of a model on data

Background The framework scikit-learn uses "predict" for the application of model on (new) input data and I have seen many people use that term. In the scientific papers that I have read (...
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Who invented the concept of over-fitting?

I list the references that I found so far. Shortly, the first appearance of the term was in 1670, first appearance in in close meaning was in 1827, first appearance in a biological paper was in 1923 ...
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How has data generation evolved over the years (and centuries)?

I would like to know how data generation has evolved through the years. My end goal would be to generate a logarithmic line plot showing the ridiculous increase in data generation. Please, does ...
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Backpropagation in other fields [closed]

Powerful techniques are sometimes rediscovered by various disciplines at different points in time, because the particular scientific fields do not overlap or interact. A couple of ML researchers have ...
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What are references explaining Hugo Steinhaus early "data science" work? [closed]

Historical background: Hugo Steinhaus can be considered as an early father of data science. He authored the paper Sur la division des corps matériels en parties, Bulletin de l’Académie Polonaise des ...
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Original Meaning of "Intelligence" in "Business Intelligence"

What does the term "Intelligence" originally stand for in "Business Intelligence" ? Does it mean as used in "Artificial Intelligence" or as used in "Intelligence Agency" ? In other words, does "...
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