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HPC stands for High Performance Computing, typically a cluster of supercomputers.

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Running Model on both GPUs and CPUs

I have access to a hpc node, of 3 GPU and maximum of 38 CPU. I have a transformer model which I run of a single GPU at the moment, I want to utilize all the GPUs and CPUs. I have seen couple of ...
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find speedup for different number of processes

I am new to data science I need to create code to find speedup compared with the number of processes while using a k-nearest neighbor. which (k=1,2,3,4,5,6,7). this process should be after downloading ...
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Does spaCy support multiple GPUs?

I was wondering if spaCy supports multi-GPU via mpi4py? I am currently using spaCy's nlp.pipe for Named Entity Recognition on a high-performance-computing cluster ...
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Monitor Model Training Progress over HPC Clusters

As a part of my research in Deep Learning, I have to frequently train models which require a lot of computing power. As such, I use my university's HPC environment to submit my jobs and to train my ...
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How do I determine the best statistical way for data transformation for standardization (like log, sq root) to remove bias between different datasets?

I'm currently working on applying data science to High Performance Computing cluster, by analyzing the log files generated and trying to see if there is a pattern that leads to a system failure(...
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