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How to i get word embeddings for out of vocabulary words using a transformer model?

When i tried to get word embeddings of a sentence using bio_clinical bert, for a sentence of 8 words i am getting 11 token ids(+start and end) because "embeddings" is an out of vocabulary ...
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List of Google T5 possible operations

I am trying to use the pre-trained model of Google T5 ( for a variety of tasks. But I can`t find a list of many tasks it really supports and how to ...
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Which script can be used to finetune BERT for SQuAD question answering in Hugging Face library?

I have gone through lot of blogs which talk about script from Hugging Face, but I could not find it in the latest repo. So, which script has to be used ...
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BERT for classification model degenerates into all-positive predictions

As a learning project, I'm training a BERT model with the CoLA dataset to detect sentence acceptability. Unfortunately my model is learning to classify every instance as "acceptable", and I'...
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Huggingface Library - Multi-document summarization

Can BART, PEGASUS ... etc. API in huggingface library be used to directly perform multi document summarization? (e.g. here:
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How to apply pruning on a BERT model?

I have trained a BERT model using ktrain (tensorflow wrapper) to recognize emotion on text, it works but it suffers from really slow inference. That makes my model not suitable for a production ...
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Bert for QuestionAnswering input exceeds 512

I'm training Bert on question answering (in Spanish) and i have a large context, only the context exceeds 512, the total question + context is 10k, i found that longformer is bert like for long ...
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Overfitting in Huggingface's TFBertForSequenceClassification

I'm using Huggingface's TFBertForSequenceClassification for multilabel tweets classification. During training the model archives good accuracy, but the validation accuracy is poor. I've tried to solve ...
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Should weight distribution change more when fine-tuning transformers-based classifier?

I'm using pre-trained DistilBERT model from Huggingface with custom classification head, which is almost the same as in the reference implementation: ...
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BERT - How Question answering is different than classification

Basically I am trying to understand how question answering works in case of BERT. Code for both classes QuestionAnswering and Classification is pasted below for reference. My understanding is: <...
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