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How to train a CNN when the shape of the training images are too different?

I want to build a CNN model for classifying cracks. The dataset I am using has been prepared from a raw dataset. (I don't have access to that) Now the problem is, in the dataset, each image is of a ...
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Comparing images in N channels

I have an "image" of NxN dimensions in m channels (for reference, m is less than 17) in my training set and validation set. I would like to compare images in the training set with those in ...
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GAN architectures for handling big size images

I am trying to generate new images in order to improve the number of samples in a dataset. I have noticed that the majority of the GANs are trained with quite small images. For example, ...
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What do the parameters used in crop mean?

When we have an image to be used as an input to a CNN and we want to classify only part of the image, we usually feed the classifier with a crop of the image. Lets say my image is called frame and <...
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Is DQN limited to working with only image frames?

I have few questions about Deep Q Network. Does DQN only accept image frames as input? I have never hear (read) a paperwork where it doesn't use image frames. If the first is a No, then does image ...
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How to train or approach the image datasets with different resolution in Deep Learning

Image classification: I am having a data set of image collection more than 10k but even though all are the same image but taken in different sizes (pixels into pixels) some are in square and some are ...
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inner workings of Mobile-net resolution multiplier - what does it do?

i have a question concerning the way Mobile Net's resolution parameter works. From the article itself and from the blog posts on the topic (1, 2) I wasn't able to find an answer to my question. It is ...
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