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Stratified K Fold Cross Validation in Orange: python script

I am using Orange to predict customer churn and compare different learners based on accuracy, F1, etc. As my problem is unbalanced (10% churn - 90% not churn), I want to oversample. However, when ...
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How to balance an imbalanced dataset

I'm using the UNSW-NB15 dataset, which is really imbalanced, to train a Multi-class classificationMLP. I encode the categorical features of the dataset which leads to a 2+ million x 205 columns ...
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2 answers

GridSearch on imbalanced datasets

Im trying to use gridsearch to find the best parameter for my model. Knowing that I have to implement nearmiss undersampling method while doing cross validation, should I fit my gridsearch on my ...
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How to deal with imbalanced categorical variables in regression tasks?

I want to predict real estate prices using several Machine Learning algorithms. My dataset contains numerical and categorical predictors. I already eliminated the outliers of numerical variables. Now ...