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Visualization library for networks and dependencies

this is a more general question asking about Python libraries that are able to showcase networks with following criterias: Different size of the nodes depending on a metric (e.g. sum of some variable ...
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Clearest way to visualise temporal data?

I've collected bus arrival times at my local bus stop from the past month - so I have every time my bus (a specific bus number) shows up at my bus stop for each day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)....
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How this visualisation was made?

I really like how this visualization represents the survey participants. Is any tool for that? (Or R/python library?)
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What is the name for this chart which splits a quantity by allocation to a class hierarchy?

I need to create this type of chart, where you can see a quantity is split into a hierarchy of classes or taxonomy. In the example below the quantity is a household monthly income, and the classes are ...
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Infoviz for multinomials: miniature plots within plots in R's ggplot

I'm plotting fluctuations in a trinomial distribution across two dimensions. ...
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Visualizing a big number of polynomials as atlas of graphs?

Suppose you have a big number of polynomials such as xyz+xy+z where xyz, xy and ...
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Time series change rate calculations for displaying trend line chart

I'm struggling to find a solution to produce a line chart which shows a trend from a Time Series metric. I try to make my line chart look similar to the following: Basically, I want to make use of ...
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Visualization of three-dimensional report

I have a visualization problem. Creating a comparison report of PR event efficiency. Say, show or exhibition. There are two dimensions of comparison: compare vs the same event performance in the ...
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