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Information Retrieval is an area of study concerning with retrieving documents, information or metadata from a collection of unstructured or semi-structured data.

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How to create a good list of stopwords

I am looking for some hints on how to curate a list of stopwords. Does someone know / can someone recommend a good method to extract stopword lists from the dataset itself for preprocessing and ...
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Evaluating the performance of a machine learned recommendation system

I have a set of resumes $R=\{{r_1,...,r_n\}}$, which I've transformed to a vector space using TF-IDF. Each resume has a label, which is the name of their current employer. Each of these labels comes ...
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Document similarity: Vector embedding versus BoW performance?

I have a collection of documents, where each document is rapidly growing with time. The task is to find similar documents at any fixed time. I have two potential approaches: A vector embedding (...
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What is NLP technique to generalize manually created rules in text?

Let's say we have a free text containing key-value entities. Example: "... patient's tumour has width 6 cm and height 5 cm" Then an expert comes, marks it as important, thus we do have the rule for ...
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Cosine similarity between query and document confusion

I am going through the Manning book for Information retrieval. Currently I am at the part about cosine similarity. One thing is not clear for me. Let's say that I have the tf idf vectors for the ...
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